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With Faith & Grace

Amazonite Session ~ Emotion Code & Healy Session

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During your Amazonite Session, you will receive the energy benefits of the Healy while Kaitlyn will release up to 15 trapped emotions from your Heart Wall. These sessions last approximately 30 minutes and will be completed in the order they are received. Once done, Kaitlyn will send you your results via the email you have provided during checkout. 


Amazonite ~ There’s an abundant level of love and healing energy in Amazonite that can help to break cycles of negative thoughts you might be experiencing in your life. In especially pronounced cases, Amazonite can even help to expose and break through karmic patterns held over from prior incarnations and lifetimes.

Amazonite is often seen as a stone of bravery – apt perhaps, when one considered Amazonian warriors! It can awaken you to your own courage, and help you to take a stand assertively but compassionately when shattering the illusions that keep you living the same mistakes over and over.